Will Corruption ever end?

Whenever I think about corruption, all kinds of incidents start coming to my mind. Everywhere I find corruption which might be in a small way or a big way. Initially which we think as small incidents of corruption turn into big ones. (If corruption is not cut in the bud, it grows into a big tree)

A student cheats in exam to pass, an invigilator accepts a small bribe from the student to let the student cheat. The question paper is leaked by a teacher in consideration for a price so that the unworthy student passes on the basis of money.

A judge favors his near and dear not because of money but because of the relation. A principal of a school gives admission to the unworthy child because the management asks him to do as the management in turn is governing the institution due to votes gathered by parents of that unworthy child.

A person who reaches an important post politically or bureaucratically helps his relatives and near ones with important postings and business deals which is all corruption.

I go to a temple and offer the priest a small amount to get immediate darshan of God at the earliest by coming out of the queue.

Children daily see their parents doing acts of corruption in business or jobs.

Well, there is a difference of degree of corruption but an offense small or big is an offense.

Politicians buy the vote and stick to power making a mockery of democratic institutions.

The important point is how this corruption can be stopped or reversed?

-Is it that we as human beings have lost our sense of right and wrong. The faculty of reason which God has given us, we are not using it. We are only interested in immediate gains and have become slaves to our senses. Corruption has spread like wildfire in the society which is a root cause of all human suffering.

Family is the first pillar which needs to be rectified and morals and values need to be inculcated.

Let us have your thoughts…………….

1 thought on “Will Corruption ever end?

  1. I think corruption has become a way of life for people and people have started to take it for granted. But it should not be. The society as a whole suffers due to it. The rich get richer and poor get poorer. Let us stop this corruption once and for all. Even I think that demonetisation started by the prime minister of India is good in that regard as the black money will finish and give rise to a society where corruption and black money is not there.

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