Why are people attracted towards Trading.?

Human nature is such that it wants easy money. If you set up a business, it takes years to start making profit. Even if it is a startup, it might take time and one never knows that whether one will make money or not as 80% of new business or start ups close down within 2 to 4 years.

To be a fundamental investor, one needs to have a lot of money to invest and wait patiently for rewards. You get good rewards when markets are in a bull phase. When markets are in a bearish phase, one does not get rewards and one loses patience with the stocks he or she is holding and that time starts looking at short term movements.

3 thoughts on “Why are people attracted towards Trading.?

  1. I think people are attracted towards trading because it looks like easy money available without working physically and going anywhere. Just trade on your own in front of the computer and there it is. But I think it is one of the toughest field to earn money. One mistake and you lose your money.
    You require a lot of patience to earn money.

    • Ken, you are right, people do want to make quick money but it mostly does not happen. If only they can have a good system of trading and guidance can they make money.

      Thanks for your realistic comments.

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